Once you have your capsule running, you may find it useful to open this guide in an internet browser in your capsule so you can copy and paste commands. The short link for this page is: https://wiki.htrc.illinois.edu/x/TQFRAQ

  1. Register an account on HTRC Portal, from where you will access the HTRC Data Capsule. Read the guide if you need assistance.

  2. Install a VNC Client on your computer to enable the communication between your computer and the capsule, which is a virtual machine, to be created. You can choose any VNC client you prefer. We use VNC View for Google Chrome in this tutorial, but recommend users explore RealVNC, Chicken, or Screen Share (on a Mac).

  3. Make sure you are still logged in to the HTRC where you just created an account. 

  4. Create a capsule by clicking on Capsule →  Create Capsule on the top menu/ You will be asked to provide information about the capsule you would like to create.

  5. Start the capsule you were assigned by clicking the Start Capsule button on the Show Capsules page.

  6. Interact with the capsule via VNC client.

  7. Switch between maintenance and secure mode.

  8. Run experiments. Follow the Use Case guides for examples.

  9. Save your interim data between research sessions.

  10. Stop the capsule. The next time you log in, you can restart the same capsule and continue your work.

  11. Request to export your non-consumptive data.

  12. Delete the capsule.