Navigate to the VM Creation Page

Navigate to “Create Virtual Machine” tab on the top part of the development portal website, click on "HTRC Data Capsule" -> "Create Virtual Machine", and then you will be navigated to a VM creation submission page.

Submit VM Creation Request

On the VM Creation page, fill in the form.

Provide a username and password. The password here is NOT your portal account password.

For other fields, you can fill in by referring to the image below (VM Image=ubuntu-12.04-image, VCPUs=1, Memory(MB)=1024). 

Finally hit the "Create VM" button. The VM creation procedure usually takes about 1 minute to complete.

Check VM Status

After creating a VM as shown in the previous step, you can examine the status of the VM. In the development portal, click on "HTRC Data Capsule" -> "Virtual Machines" on the top of the page, and you will be navigated to the VM list page. It shows VM ID, status, actions of each VM you have created.

By default the VM you just created is not running, so you need to start the VM for running some computational analysis.