Once you have your capsule running, you may find it useful to open this guide in an internet browser in your capsule so you can copy and paste commands. The short link for this page is: https://wiki.htrc.illinois.edu/x/TQFRAQ.

Overview of Generic Research Workflow in a Capsule

  1. Register and sign in to your HTRC account. 
  2. Create and start a Capsule in the HTRC.
  3. View your Capsule using the Remote Desktop view/Terminal view, or SSH into your capsule in maintenance mode.
  4. Configure the software environment of the Capsule as needed. Download the scripts or programs you plan to use in your analysis.
  5. Switch Capsule to secure mode through HTRC.
  6. Run your analysis against the secure HTRC corpus repository.
  7. Move your results to the secure volume storage on the Capsule.
  8. Switch Capsule back to maintenance mode to regain normal network access.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Note: You will need to create an HTRC account if you don't already have one. 

From the Analytics homepage, create a capsule by clicking on Data Capsules on the top menu. You will be asked to provide information about the capsule you would like to create. This step also explains how to create or convert an existing Capsule to one with access to the full HathiTrust corpus, for HathiTrust members only. 

Start the capsule you created by clicking the Start Capsule button on the Capsules page.

Interact with the capsule either via Remote Desktop viewer or Terminal viewer.

Alternatively, you can SSH into your capsule when it is in maintenance mode only. 

Switch between maintenance and secure mode.

Share your Research Data Capsule with up to 5 other researchers.

Bring text data into your capsule.

Perform your analysis. See the following use cases for examples of how to perform text analysis in the capsule. 

If you will need more than one session to complete your research, save your interim data to the Secure Volume.

Between sessions, stop the capsule via the HTRC using the web browser on your personal desktop. The next time you log in, you can restart the same capsule and continue your work.

When you are finished with your research, request to export your non-consumptive results. When you no longer need the capsule, delete it via the HTRC. 

What to do if you need help troubleshooting problems with your data capsule: