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Sign Up for an Account, and Sign In

First, register an account on HTRC Portal, from where you will access the HTRC Data Capsule. Read the guide if you need assistance.

Software Installation

Install a VNC Client on your computer to enable the communication between your computer and the capsule, which is a virtual machine, to be created. You can choose any VNC client you prefer.

We use VNC View for Google Chrome in this tutorial so also recommend people install the same. Install and launch the app.

Getting Familiar with the Data Capsule

Create a Capsule on HTRC Data Capsule

Log in to the HTRC portal where you just created an account and sign in. Create a capsule by clicking on the "HTRC Data Capsule" and then "Create Virtual Machine" on the top of the page. You will be asked to provide information about the capsule you would like to create.

Start the Capsule

Start the capsule you were assigned by clicking on the "Start VM" button on the Virtual Machines list page (make sure you have logged in the portal in order to see the page). 

Interact with the Capsule via VNC Client

After starting the capsule, you can connect to and operate on the capsule via the VNC Client you just installed. Use the "Host Name" and "VNC port" fields of the capsule as input to the VNC Client: put them the "Address" field of the VNC Viewer, separated by a semicolon. 

Switching Between Maintenance and Secure Modes

Each capsule is designed to have 2 modes: maintenance node and secure modes. Under the "Virtual Machines" page, click on "Switch to Secure Mode" or "Switch to Maintenance Mode" buttons to switch between modes.

Under maintenance mode, user is allowed to access network freely except for HTRC corpus repository and install whatever software she wants. In secure mode, network access is restricted. User is only allowed to access a few network addresses e.g., HTRC corpus repository and search service.

Run Experiments, Release Results

Run text analysis experiments in the capsule. Details of conducting experiments are demonstrated in the 4 use cases below. If users want to export results out of the capsule, they can release the result in the capsule's secure mode.

Finishing up

Stop or delete your capsule. The next time you sign in to the Portal, you can restart the capsule and continue working within the same environment.


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