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  • HTRC Data Capsule Specifications and Usage Guide

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Interacting with the Capsule Interface

Access and log-in to the interface for your capsule from your desktop using either a VNC client (Screen Sharing on a Mac, for example) or through SSH. You can log in to a capsule using a VNC client if the capsule is in either maintenance or secure mode. You can only SSH into the capsule when it is in secure mode. 


Code Block
ssh -p <your capsule port>'s password: dcuser


There are 3 passwords important for using a capsule: 

  • The HTRC Analytics username and password that you use to log-in to The web interface is where you switch your capsule's mode and start, stop, and shutdown your capsule.
  • The VNC Username and VNC password you set when you created your capsule. You will be prompted for this password when you log-in to your capsule using the VNC client or SSH. 
  • The generic Ubuntu username and password, which is dcuser for both. You will need to enter this password to access the operating system once your capsule is started in the VNC client. 

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