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  • HTRC Data Capsule Specifications and Usage Guide

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The HTRC Data Capsule is a secure computing environment developed to facilitate non-consumptive text analysis research. Each capsule is a virtual machine (VM) that provides researchers a desktop they can use to perform their investigation of volumes in the HathiTrust Digital Library. 


For further information, check out the FAQs


Using an HTRC Data Capsule

titleDetailed tutorial

For step-by-step instructions, follow a tutorial or user guide.

Maintenance vs. Secure Mode


Administering a Capsule

Use the HTRC Portal interface to site to handle administrative tasks for your capsule:


  1. Create and start a capsule in the HTRC Portal

  2. Log into the capsule using a VNC client

  3. Configure the software environment of the capsule as needed. Download the scripts or programs you plan to use in your analysis

  4. Switch capsule to secure mode through HTRC Portal

  5. Run your against the secure HTRC corpus repository

  6. Move your results to the secure volume storage on the capsule

  7. Switch capsule back to maintenance mode to regain normal network access