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purposeto serve high-performance large-scale algorithms and programsto provide public users some volume retrieval capabilities
throttling enforcementnoyes
bulk retrieval of volumesyesno
metadata availableMETSMETS, MARC



A: The HTRC Sandbox is a resource for testing and exploration made available to our user community interested in trying things out on a smaller scale. It provides access to approximately 250,000 volumes from the non-Google scanned public domain subset of material in the HathiTrust Digital Library. The following table lists the endpoints for the various HTRC Sandbox services.

Portal portal allows you to browse volume lists and algorithms, execute algorithms, and view results
Workset Builder Blacklight search interface allows you to search for volumes, and create volume lists that can be used by algorithms.  It provides a GUI interface to our Solr index
Data API HTRC Data API provides access to the corpus data and METS XML via a RESTful web service
Solr Proxy HTRC Solr Proxy provides access to the Solr index. A sample query is: please refer to the Solr Guide for more details on query.


How do I ask questions or start discussions with other users?

A: Please join the HTRC User Group mailing list.


Q9: How do I report issues or give feedback?

A: We welcome your feedback! Under the “Help” tab on the menu bar in the Portal, you’ll find an option to contact us. Please use it to send your thoughts or questions.

You can also report a bug on our JIRA instance. You will need to create an account to log into JIRA if you have not done so already. 


Q10: Where do I go for more information?

A: If you have not found what you are looking for in our documentation, you might find the material posted to our Publications and Presentations page useful for further reading.