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HTRC Data Capsule Tutorial

Detailed tutorial for using the HTRC Data Capsule System  

Use Cases


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To learn about the technical specifications and general functionality of the HTRC Data Capsule environment, see the HTRC Data Capsule Specifications and Usage Guide page. 

Note: Your capsule has been pre-loaded with the packages required to follow these examples.

Since it's performed within the capsule's virtual machine environment, it will be helpful to open a browser in the capsule, e.g. Firefox, and go to the url or Then you can easily copy and paste the hyperlinks and the commands from the Wiki. 

Use Case: Use Solr API to Retrieve Volume IDs

HTRC provides a search engine API, Solr API, for scholars to search volumes of their interest. Scholars can search by full-text, or MARC catalog fields. An example query is which returns all volumes of which the titles contain "war".


Step-by-Step Tutorial

HTRC Data Capsule Tutorial

Detailed step-by-step instructions for using the HTRC Data Capsule system, including creating, using, and requesting to export derived data from your Capsule. 


Import data with the HTRC Workset Toolkit

User guide for the Workset Toolkit, a command line interface that facilitates data and metadata transfer and analysis in a capsule. 

Use Cases

Running Voyant in an HTRC Data Capsule

HTRC Data Capsules come with Voyant Tools installed. 

Perform Text Analytics Using Topic Explorer

Use the IPython interactive interface to fetch volume content, and then run vector space model and topic modeling on volumes' OCR content.

For Developers

HTRC Data API Users Guide

Using the HTRC API within a capsule.