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From the list of algorithms that shows up (as shown below), click on EF_Rsync_Script_Generator. This is the algorithm  for generating the script for downloading the feature data files that correspond to your workset.




3 Execute the EF_Rsync_Script_Generator algorithm

Specify a job name of your choosing. You also have to select a  workset that the EF_Rsync_Script_Generator algorithm will run against: Check the button saying “Select a workset from my worksets” and select your desired workset.  Your screen should now look like the figure below. At this point, click the ‘Submit’ button.


3.4 Check the status of the EF_Rsync_Script_Generator algorithm's execution


You can now see the status of the job, as shown below. The status of the job will initially show as “Staging”. (Refresh the screen after some time and you will see the status to have changed to “Queued”. )Image Added