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A sample of 100 extracted feature files is available for download through your browser:

Also, thematic collections are available to download: DocSouth (82 volumes), EEBO (234 volumes), ECCO (412 volumes).


The dataset is stored in a directory specification created by HTRC called stubbytree. (Note: This is a change from previous versions of the Extracted Features dataset that used the pairtree directory specification.) Stubbytree places files in a directory structure based on the file name, with the highest level directory being the HathiTrust source code (i.e. volume ID prefix), and then using every third character of the cleaned volume ID, starting with the first, to create a sub-directory. For example the Extracted Features file for the volume with HathiTrust ID nyp.33433070251792 would be located at: 


To download the Extracted Features data for a specific workset in HTRC Analytics, there is an algorithm that generates the Rsync download script, the Extracted Features Download Helper. The tool can also be useful if you don’t want to go through the process of determining files paths. Select version 0.2 when you run the algorithm to get the Extracted Features 0.2 version of the files.

The algorithm creates a shell script that you can download and run from your local command line. The file lists the rsync commands for every volume in an HTRC workset. Once you have run the algorithm and downloaded the resulting file, you will run the resulting .sh file.