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  • HTRC Software Development Process for Arriving at Technical Decisions

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Read about the steps HTRC staff takes for making technical decisions.

How a technical team arrives at technical decisions is an issue that all technical teams grapple with at some point in their life. HTRC has matured to the point where a documented process will help team productivity.  In aligning with HTRC principles, this document outlines decision-making and voting policies for HTRC software development. The document draws from the rules observed in Apache foundation software development. 


  • Modifications to service architecture and service interactions
  • Package releases
  • Build/development environment
  • New features 1
  • Unit development 2
  • Code maintenance and bug fixes 3


1 New features.  Decision outcomes that emerge from the technical team on new features are advisory only.  New features have to be considered in the broader context of community need and resource restrictions.