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  • Use Case: Perform Text Analytics Using Topic Explorer

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In the VM, start a Terminal, and go to change directory the vsm experiment folder

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cd ~/demo/vsm
ls  #list the files

List the files of this folder

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Start an IPython notebook server 

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You will see something like this in the popped-up browser. Click on the HTRC_vsm_corpus.ipynb 

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In the HTRC_vsm_corpus.ipynb notebook, run all the scripts by clicking on "Cell" -> "Run All" on menu of the top of the page.

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You will find the scripts run into errors if the VM is in maintenance mode. 


Run all the demo codes there by clicking on "Cell" -> "Run All"

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This demo code:

  • reads in a saved Corpus object
  • builds an LDA model from the corpus
  • save the LDA trained model
  • view topics
  • display topics that relate to a list of words
  • display documents that are most likely generated by a specific topic
  • cluster topics based on LDA result
  • visualize clustered topics in 2-D