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Upon completion of the hands-on, please perform these steps to back up your results, exit the VM, and shutdown the VM. The next time you sign in to the portal, you can restart the VM and continue working within the same environment.

Back up your results

(This is the same as Release results)

If you'd like to export results out of the capsule, you must release them from your virtual machine.


Code Block
releaseresults done

The files will be delivered via email. You will receive them in the email that you registered for the portal account.

Close the VNC Viewer

Since we do not need to interact with the capsule as a virtual machine anymore, we can close the VNC Viewer.

Image RemovedHTRC Analytics account. The email link will be live for 12 hours.

Shut Down the VM

Go back to  HTRC Analytics, go to "Data Capsules" and click on the "Stop Capsule" button to shut down the VM you'd like to shut.