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About the HTRC Data Capsule

The HTRC Data Capsule service gives a researcher or educator a secure, virtual computer (called a "capsuleCapsule") for a limited time for analytical access to the digitized public works of the HathiTrust Digital Library. Because the HTRC Data Capsule gives researchers and educators the ability to carry out analytics that is non-consumptive**, and eventually soon over the full 1415,000,000+ volumes in the HathiTrust Digital Library, a researcher's capsule has restrictions on its use, particularly in limiting how and when the products created by analysis tools leave the capsule.  Data products leaving a data capsule must undergo results review prior to release to ensure they meet the HTRC's policy for non-consumptive data exports

The HTRC Data Capsule currently enables access to the works in HT that are in the public domain. Preliminary access through the capsules to digitized works in-copyright is anticipated in early summer 2017.  

The HTRC Data Capsule system was prototyped through funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (2011-2015). See here for final report: Final report.  Extension of the HTRC Data Capsule project to larger compute resources and better integration with the HTRC worksets was recently funded by a grant from the Andrew T. Mellon Foundation (2016-2018).