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DescriptionReturns token counts of requested volumes
Supported Response Types

application/zip (normal response)

text/plain (error response)

Request Types
Request Headers
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Request BodyRequest parameters as body content.  See Parameters below
NameDescriptionTypeDefault ValueRequiredNote
volumeIDsthe list of volumes to be token countedstringN/AyesVolumeIDs are separated by the pipe character '|'
levelspecifies whether the token counts to be aggregated at volume level or page level.  Use "volume" for volume level, and "page" for page levelstringvolumeno 
sortByspecifies the token count output to be sorted on a fields. Use "token" for sorting based on the token's UTF-8 order, and "count" for sorting based on the token count order.  If left unspecified, the results do not guarantee any orders.stringN/AnoToken ordering is based on UTF-8 character values, so character "Z" comes before character "a" (if using ascending ordering).  For token count ordering, tokens with the same count are ordered by token's UTF-8 values.
sortOrderspecifies whether output to use ascending or descending ordering.  Use "asc" for ascending ordering, and "desc" for descending ordering.stringascnothis parameter only has effect when used together with sortBy, otherwise it is ignored.
versionA specific version of the Data API to usestringN/AnoNot implemented.  Place holder only
HTTP Status CodeResponse BodyResponse TypeDescription
200 (ok)a binary Zip Streamapplication/zip 


Zip Structure Layout

The directory structure layout of the Zip stream returned from the Data API may be one of the following patterns depending on the optional parameters: