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  • Running Voyant in an HTRC Data Capsule
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HTRC Data Capsules come with Voyant Tools installed. 

  • If you would like to use sample data for testing purposes, make sure your capsule has been created using the disk image option with pre-loaded data.
  • Start your capsule on HTRC Analytics and log into it using the remote-access program of your choice. 
  • Switch your capsule to Secure mode. 
  • If you are not using the sample data, download the data you would like to analyze. 
  • On the desktop of your capsule, you will see a Voyant icon. Double click to launch Voyant.

  • Your web browser will open in-capsule to the Voyant homepage.

  • Upload the text you would like to analyze. The sample data can be found under dcuser → HTRC → data → sample_volumes. (Note that because you are running Voyant locally, you are not sending it outside of your capsule by uploading it to Voyant.) 
  • Click "Reveal" to analyze your selected volumes in Voyant.

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