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  • Interact with the VM via VNC Client
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To get the details of your capsule so that you can log in to it, click on Data Capsule ID link on the Capsules page.

Then, locate the Hostname and VNC port information on the Capsule Status page where you will be directed. The details on this page are to be used gain remote access to your capsule via the VNC client you installed earlier in the tutorial. Note: If you haven't installed the VNC Viewer, please refer to Software Installation for details.

Open your VNC client of choice. This example uses VNC Viewer for Chrome.

Copy-and-paste the VNC url into the Address field and click Connect

You will be prompted to input Password. Input the password you chose for the capsule VNC when you created it, NOT the one for your Portal account.

Then you will be asked to input another password, the Ubuntu operating system user's password. Input dcuser for password. Both username and password are dcuser, as can be seen on the Capsule Status page.



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