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Q1: What happened to the HTRC Sandbox?

A: The HTRC Sandbox, which was a space for testing and experimentation in the early days of the project, has been rolled into our production services available here:

Q2: How do I use the HTRC Data API?

A: Check out our user's guide for more information about using the HTRC Data API in the HTRC Data Capsule.

Q3: What is the difference between the HTRC Data API and HathiTrust Data API?

A: This table outlines the differences between the HTRc Data API and HathiTrust Data API

purposeto serve high-performance large-scale algorithms and programsto provide public users some volume retrieval capabilities
throttling enforcementnoyes
bulk retrieval of volumesyesno
metadata availableMETSMETS, MARC

Q4:How do I use the HTRC Solr Proxy?

A. See Solr Proxy API User Guide for detailed instructions.

Q5:How is the HTRC Solr Proxy different from Apache Solr?

A: The HTRC Solr Proxy is a thin service in front of Apache Solr services for security and auditing purposes. The Solr Proxy filters requests to allow read-only requests to protect our indices from being modified; other than that, it is fully compatible with Apache Solr. 

Q6: This is a release. Can I download the code?

A: Yes. All of the HTRC services code modules are open source and are available from GitHub:

Q7:  How do I contribute code to HTRC?

A:  You can browse contributed code on our GitHub page:

Q8: To whom can I direct technical questions?

A: Please email HTRC support:

Q9:  How do I report issues or give feedback?

A: We welcome your feedback! You can send an email to HTRC Support at We track support requests in using JIRA, and you can log-in to see your requests and our responses here:


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