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HTRC Analytics Status

The site is UP.

HTRC Monthly Maintenance

HTRC Analytics is inaccessible the second week of every month, from 7 a.m. ET Sunday through at least 12 p.m. ET Monday during routine, planned maintenance.  HTRC services are unavailable during this time, including the HTRC Analytics site and Data Capsules environment.  In 2021 maintenance will happen on:

  • January 10-11
  • February 14-15
  • March 7-9
  • April 11-12
  • May 16-17
  • June 13-14
  • July 11-12
  • August 9-10
  • September 12-13
  • October 10-11
  • November 14-15
  • December 12-13

Prior to maintenance, data capsule users should make sure any data they imported or created while in secure mode that they wish to retain is stored on the drive called secure_volume. Please turn your capsule off (“Stop” it on your dashboard) if possible. See “Maintenance vs. Secure mode” here:

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