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(This is the same as Release results)

If you'd like to export results out of the capsule, you must release them from your virtual machine.

First, switch the VM to secure mode in the Portal interface. 

Second, open a terminal in the capsule, navigate to the secure volume by typing:

cd /media/secure_volume

Suppose the file you'd like to release is at /home/demouser/demo/r/Rplots.pdf

You can prepare the result data for release by first adding it the the release list: 

releaseresults add /home/demouser/demo/r/Rplots.pdf

Repeat using this command if you have other files to add.

Finally, to complete the release of your data, type: 

releaseresults done

The files will be delivered via email. You will receive them in the email that you registered for the HTRC Analytics account. The email link will be live for 12 hours.

Shut Down the VM

Go back to  HTRC Analytics, go to "Data Capsules" and click on the "Stop Capsule" button to shut down the VM you'd like to shut.

Delete the VM

If you do not need the capsule any more, you can delete it. On HTRC Analytics, navigate to "Data Capsules", click on the "Delete Capsule" button next to the virtual machine you want to delete.



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