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  • Data Capsule environment development updates
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August 2018

  • Implement Apache Guacamole in-browser capsule viewer
  • Remove Ubuntu password requirement (dcuser)
  • Remove root account access. (i.e. users won’t be able to switch to root account)
  • Changed Sudo privilege
    • Users won’t be able to run following commands with sudo: /bin/su, /bin/login, /bin/sh, /usr/bin/sh, /bin/bash, /usr/bin/bash, /bin/tcsh, /usr/bin/tcsh, /bin/csh, /usr/bin/csh, /bin/zsh, /usr/bin/zsh, /bin/ksh, /usr/bin/ksh, /bin/screen, /usr/bin/screen
    • For other commands they can use “sudo” without password. For example, to install package: “sudo apt-get install” command without password
  •  Install Nginx to enable mutual TLS between DataAPI server and DataAPI client (HTRC WorksetToolkit) in the data capsule. We are using nginx as a reverse proxy to send TLS client cert and key to DataAPI server.
  •  Update Voyant server to VoyantServer2_4-M7 in order to fix an issue with “Links" loading
  • Add updated .htrc file to capsule.

March 2018

  • Implement HTRC Workset Toolkit Python library as DataAPI client

January 2018

  • Install Voyant Tools to run from capsule desktop

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