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  • Additional steps for downloading an extracted features dataset for Windows users only
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Use these steps if you work in a Windows system.

Note: These additional steps are relevant only to Windows users. Mac or Linux/Unix users should return to the directions in the User Guide to Downloading Extracted Features for your Custom Workset.

  1. Install Unix-like shell 

Windows users will need to install a program that emulates the Unix shell in order to run the rsync script necessary to download extracted features. The command line interface native to Windows, Command Prompt, is not compatible with rsync, which is typically found in Unix-like systems. There are numerous tools to provide Unix-like functionality in Windows, and you can feel free to use whichever you like. Cygwin is one of the most common, however. Please refer to the Cygwin documentation for instructions on how to install it, taking care to include the rsync package, which is not a part of the standard download, in your installation.

 2.  Navigate to your C: drive

If you choose to use Cygwin, once you have it installed and open on your computer, it can be tricky to find your C: drive, which in Windows is where you would find your Desktop or Download directories. This FAQ page provides information about how to locate your C: drive from the Cygwin shell. The command cd /cygdrive/c should work, but please refer to the Cygwin documentation with any questions.

After completing these two steps, you are prepared to return to the User Guide to Downloading Extracted Features for your Custom Workset and pick-up the directions from section 3.8, where you left off.

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